Helm of Defiance

Lengendary Enchantment Nullifying Helm


Helm of Defiance

Aura moderate divination; CL 15th
Slot head; Price - gp; Weight —


This legendary helmet was worn by the Dwarven Warrior-King Hrolf Krak’ul in the legendary war between Old Safrahal and the Mind Flayers. It is one of the three pieces of the Bane Set

The helm grants its wearer immunity to all mind effecting spells and spell like abilities produced by aberrations. The helmet cannot be removed from the wearer by an aberration by any means, unless the wearer is first rendered helpless.

While worn, the helm projects a 30 foot aura of defiance that interferes with the effects created by aberrations. This aura provides the following benefits:

  • Grants allies a +4 resistance bonus on will saves against spells or spell like abilities created by aberrations.
  • Allows any ally affected by a confusion spell or effect to roll twice and choose which result to accept.
  • Once per day, the Helm of Defiance can produce the effects of the Break Enchantment spell (CL 15) as a full-round action, but only to free victims from enchantments, and only against targets within its aura of defiance.

When worn, the helm lets the wearer sense the presence of aberrations in her immediate area. As a standard action, the wearer gains the benefits of blindsense 60 feet, but only against creatures with the aberration type. This benefit lasts one minute, and can be used up to five minutes per day, but must be used in one minute increments. (The helm does not interfere with the wearer’s ability to see normally. If the wearer has blindsense or blindsight, he is able to differentiate creatures detected with those senses from creatures detected with the Helm of Defiance).

Helm of Defiance

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