Crunge the Clock Keeper

Clocktower Keeper



  • Influence Contact (Access to the clocktower)
  • Runs Dhamsareen’s Clocktower
  • Fanatical devotion to marking time
  • Was friends with the former Invisible Blade
    • Allowed him access to his tower for scouting purposes and signalling
    • Thinks Kenway is the same person, through some strange tweak of his strange perception of time
  • Many denizens of the city fear him as an ogre
  • Three gongs mark the coming darkness


  • One-eyed, clubfooted hunchback
  • Dresses in rags and hasn’t bathed in years
  • Loves nearly-raw meats and cheeses, but is never given them by the city guard who give him food

Crunge the Clock Keeper

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