Beneath Tangled Roots

On the ship

what a long long time it's been

Zah stood on the ships rail gazing out over the sand sea, often looking down just to be amazed again. Then he glanced over at a few that were eating at just outside the main hull.

Zah spoke to the person next to him saying, “Father is not exactly as I remembered him. Not nearly as tall, not nearly as rugged and not quite as knowledgable.” he paused, “Though none of it really matters, a child’s perspective I suppose. He does however make some amazing food. I bet even with out that book he’s a killer chef.”

Zah turned from the group and again looked out over the rail and said, “Nearly 2 decades, has it really been that long? There was so much to ask. How many expeditions did he do, what did he find but most importantly where was mother.” He stopped almost frozen in place, but then with moments passing and small twitch he continued, "But these questions are too large for such a short time and it seems only right to keep our minds focused on the trip and the goals directly ahead of us. In my eyes father was such a iconic figure, but I suppose I’ve filled his boots more than he filled his own. "

Then he turned looked at the group and raised his glass. “Too Adventure!”, he said out loud and walked from the ships rail.


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