Town of Xandrios


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  • Large, magical town nestled within the Branchways
  • Serves as a pivotal hub for most travelling through the World Tree
  • Shaped like a flourishing, six pointed star, based around the six visible Elder Gates
    • Location is both elusive and in many places at once (see Elder Gates)
    • A trained Branchway guide must often be hired to find Xandrios
  • A cultural and intellectual hub between Leaves of the World Tree
    • Thus architecture, art, magics, and people are a hopelessly entwined mishmash of cultures
    • The greatest minds across the Leaves often come from Xandrios


  • School / gigantic magic library that takes up most of the town
  • Students read grimoires and history to learn magic
  • Standard: Midnight blue field with streaks of red swirling into an All-Seeing Eye
  • Majority of population consists of:
    • Students
    • Archmagi
    • Smallfolk that perform the more mundane tasks
  • Payment is usually some degree between these two extremes:
    • Pay exorbitant funds of money
    • Serve nearly an entire life in indentured servitude as a scrivener copying tomes by hand
  • Hints of dark matters afoot at the academy:
    • Zah’s encounter with a cursed ancient beast

Library Description

  • Round towers, spanning multiple stories both up and down (eg. 8th floor through -8th floor)
  • Each floor is 30’ high, dominated by row upon row of bookshelves, lined with Everburning Torches
  • Large hole in the center of each floor is used as a column to move to different floors using Tensers
  • Tensers
    • Metal disks with permanent Levitation
    • used to reach other floors (elevator equivalent)
    • and different levels of book shelves (ladder equivalent)


  • Outer Ring
    • The only area accessible to early students and travelers
    • Houses early students and small-folk
    • Where most of the shops catered toward adventurers are located
  • Masters’ Ring
    • Usable only by Masters (Professors) and Archmagi
    • Houses Masters, Archmagi, and very esteemed guests
    • Where the most esoteric and powerful tomes are located
  • Inner Ring
    • Available only to advanced students and graduates
    • Houses advanced students
    • Where the more esoteric and powerful tomes are located
    • Well of Oblivion
      • Where professors and graduates are laid to “eternal rest”
      • Ring decorated with all the schools of magic and all major deities (even ones that long ago ceased to exist)


  • Diagonal Paths
    • Used by advanced students and graduates to move between Outer and Inner Rings
    • Blocked for early students and travelers
  • Masters’ Paths
    • A shortcut path that cuts across the rings
    • Usable only by Masters (Professors) and Archamgi


  • Items
    • Items (of any type/slot) at or below 2,400 gp will be available with little or no effort/role-play involved
    • Items are sold at 90% of the market price
  • Spells
    • Finding (useful only to wizards):
      • A spell can be found from a book with a Spellcraft check DC (15 + double the spell’s level) to find
      • This check requires two hours worth of work per level of the spell
      • If found in this manner, the caster may copy the spell free of charge
    • Buying (all casters):
      • Scroll can be purchased at 1/2 (Inner Circle) or 3/4 (Outer Circle) the normal price


  • Characters with access to the Inner Ring can make use of its many libraries and troves of research. That character can take 20 on any single Knowledge skill in which he has at least 1 rank.
  • Such painstaking research is time-consuming, however, requiring 2d4 days (8 hours per day) to complete.


  • Xandrios is the last of the ancient great libraries
  • It survived almost entirely due to a staunchly neutral and placating position concerning religion

Noteable NPCs


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