Gate of the Fallen King

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Note: This image is somewhat inverted in its perception. The gateway leading into the dim red cavern is actually leading out of the city. The mountainous wall is the opening to the vast expanse that is Duskheim.

Shimmering Span

  • Massive bridge that spans across the lake
  • Uses stalagmites (rising from the water) as support beams, but off-set arches to make it closer to symmetrical
  • Sounds
    • Constant sound of thin streams of water falling from above
    • Hammers and forges from below
    • Gibbering of Kobolds from below
    • Constant creaking of the Forgemaster’s Wheel
  • Sights
    • Everything has a pale bluish color from the lake
      • Water glows blue only when disturbed
    • Forgemaster’s Wheel turning alongside the Eversmoking ’Mite
      • Purple glows through windows as hot steel his lowered into the fire
    • Sparse boats moving about on the lake, with a glow around and in its wake

Mindflayer Occupation

At the start of the campaign, Duskheim has been under the occupation of Mind Flayers for almost ten years. Though the Mind Flayers are never seen, they have taken over the minds of countless thralls throughout the city. Some even suspect the king himself, Dorin Stonejaw is under the Mind Flayer rule.

Noteable NPCs
Confirmed Thralls

New Structures

  • Twin Towers
    • The break-backing labor camps’ most pivotal project
    • Of dwarven architecture, with runes engraved all along it
  • Gem-Spires
    • Stone towers of about three stories, topped with multiple large, opalascent gemstones
    • Being built all over Duskheim by the camp workers


The King’s Spire

  • Embassy
  • Royal
  • Lord’s Keep

Columns (The Four Brothers)

Fraki: the Ravenous One
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Fraki: the Ravenous One:

  • Embassy
  • Noble Estates
  • Coliseum
  • Wealthy Residential
  • Average Residential

Geri: the Greedy One
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Geri: the Greedy One

  • Fine Shops
  • Guildhall
  • Marketplace
  • Noble Estates
  • Wealthy Residential
  • Average Residential

Huginn: the One Who Thinks

  • University
  • Magic
  • Wealthy Residential
  • Average Residential

Muninn: the One Who Remembers

  • Temple
  • Library
  • Theatre
  • Wealthy Residential
  • Average Residential


Moaning ’Mite

  • Cave-in killed thousands of Dwarves and Kobolds during the Goblin Wars
  • Now nothing more than a Shanty Town
  • Constant dull moaning:
    • Still believed to be haunted
    • Could well be the cries of vagrants dying in hunger

Eversmoking ’Mite

  • Home of Forgemaster’s Wheel
  • Forgemaster
  • Guildhall


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