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  • The Branchways are an expansive demi-plane that exists within the physical branches that make up the World Tree.
  • They are used to travel quickly between Leaves
  • They are a living being, ever-changing, alien, and host to myriad forms of life
  • They are considered to be very dangerous, and often only traversed by powerful individuals (or those in the company of powerful individuals)

Entering the Branchways

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  • Entering a Branchway is done through a Knot, the equivalent of a doorway (the space around them are often made up to look like doorways)
  • The Brotherhood of the Grove are the keepers of this ancient art, and are almost always needed to open a Knot to the Branchways

Movement in the Branchways

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All movement in the Branchways is at a greater speed than on the material realm. However, the life pulsing down the Branches has an effect, depending on if one is working with or against it.

This applies to all forms of movement (walking, flying, swimming, etc).

  • Moving Coreward (toward the World Tree’s center) is done at normal speed
  • Moving Leafward (away from the World Tree’s center) is done at double speed
    • All bonuses granted by having an increased base movement may be taken advantage of when moving Leafward

Strangle Sickness

Entering the Branchway is a terrifying experience. Every creature doing so must make a Will save (DC 15) or become frightened for 10 rounds and shaken for 4 hours after that. If the creature fails by 5 or more, they are instead inflicted with the claustrophobia madness


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