Beneath Tangled Roots

Session XIII

New Dawn Comes to Xandrios, the Second Black Cube

Session XII

The Misery of Duskheim & the Mind Flayer

Session XI

Entering Duskheim

Session X

The Road to Duskheim & Captured Thralls

Session IX

the Black Cube & Slaves on the Roadside

Session VII
Aberrations in Xandrios
  • Seventh Point Inn
    • Met two members of the Servants of Dawn: Rook and Bishop Diadem
      • Bragging about finding a piece of the tablet on the jungle Ubertas Leaf
      • “A relic sacred to the Church of the New Dawn” and “Priceless beyond compare!”
      • Is elaborately distracted by Mongo, while Zah sketches the tablet’s design a few tables over
      • Mongo succeeds in getting Rook drunk, but Bishop Diadem does not partake
    • Met Braenor the Blessed
      • Owner of the tavern
      • Takes a liking to Gimlet
    • Approached by Steinn
      • A man with a terrible headache begging for money
      • After the party feeds him, they take him up to their room
      • He claims to be trying to contact Metallurgist Orum
      • Tells his (alleged) story:
        • Formerly an adventurer, though was captured in Duskheim
        • He was made a worker in the Dwarven work camps
        • Taken away to the Mind Flayer’s lair and “saw the brain!”
      • Steinn’s head busts, revealing a half-formed Mind Flayer
  • Kenway
    • Stalked the Servants of Dawn
      • Saw them browbeating merchants, trying to get items for very cheap
      • Saw them stopping at different orphanages
        • Preaching to the children, blessing them
        • Asking to see the orphanages’ books
    • Spoke with Spell-Nurse Mary Lynn, to get a lead on the missing orphans
    • Managed to track down a dark-robed figure, leading two docile children
      • Followed him to the basement, and a hidden cellar of a library
      • Witnessed the children being fed to an amorphous, alien creature


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Total XP: 2000 per player

Session VI
Dream Eatings, Arrival at Xandrios
Dream Devourers CR 5 3x 1600 = 4800

4800 / 3 = 1600

Malvo concerning Wayring’s poor handwriting:
“Basics, it’s the root of all arcane!” 1500
Blacklight Everburning Torch 200
“I was cuckolded by a Mind Flayer” 300
Total 2000

Grand Total: 2600 XP

Session V
Strix Ambush

XP Breakdown

Strix Ambushers CR 2 3x 600 = 1800
Strix Hedgewitch CR 3 1x 800 = 800
Strix Antipaladin CR 3 1x 800 = 800
Strix Archer CR 4 1x 1200 = 1200
- -

4600 / 6 ~ 800 per player

Roleplay XP

“Nightmare on Elm Tree” 500


1200 per player

Session III

Customs, Introductions at the Grey Minstrel, Freeing the Beggar Children

  • Derz Naga departs from the group.
    • In search of the scorpion Asura was searching for
    • Entrusts them with his Wand of MM as a well-wishing gift
  • Customs:
    • Mongo hid the Wand of MM under his stilts. Additionally, he purposefully wet himself to make the guard unwilling to thoroughly search him.
    • Players got a feel for the flow of Customs
  • Grey Minstrel Inn Patrons:
    • Petyr Riddish-Royce
      • Introduces himself to Mongo
        • Reveals the dire importance of Mongo’s broken tablet
        • Establishes himself as a contact
      • Introduces himself to Kenway
        • Gives him the smuggled Onyxia
        • Reveals that people from the work camps are being sent through the Branchways, possibly to Duskheim
    • Boomer Tuntapper
      • Warmly introduces himself to the Dwarves
      • Tells outlandish stories of his ancient battles
    • Jason Skilhollow
      • Introduces Malvoy to Kenway
      • Feigns grief over the rumors of slave trading
    • Beggar Child
      • Approaches Zah, asking for money.
      • Zah tells him to wait for him outside.
      • Zah informs Kenway
      • While interrogating the child about his master, Tan, Darren’s missing daughter approaches.
        • They learn of her plight, being captured in the night by two black robed individuals, and stuffed into a sack.
        • She managed to escape, and was later taken in by Tan.
      • Kenway and Zah return the children to Darren for safekeeping, ordering him to pay for a sitter while he is on the clock at night, then slipped him some gold.
  • Content Not Found: malvoy makes his appearance
    • Confused to discover that Kenway Slickfoot is not the Invisible Blade he thought he was
    • Content Not Found: malvoy, Kenway Slickfoot, and Mongo, and establish their interconnected relationships
    • Both Malvoy and Mongo’s mothers are in Dhamsareen’s work camps

XP Breakdown

Roleplay XP

Combat is not always necessary 300 xp
Trustworthy Fellow (Smooth New PC Intro) 200 xp
Soiling oneself to get through Customs 200 xp
Aversion to the Flaming Sandstone 50 xp

Grand Total = 900 XP per character

Session II
The Barhudin Battlecry; Welcome to the Caravan district; An Evening of Stabbings at the Diamond Spider tavern
  • The Desert
    • Players left Onyxia Temple
    • Met the Ogre Magi Asura, hunting for the legendary black scorpion
    • Tracked the scorpion for a while, only to find it vanish into a sand pit that Zah narrowly escaped
    • Barhudin tribesmen ambushed the characters
      • Fighting with hooked temple swords, no armor at all, and a strange, dance-like stance
      • Cloaked in shadowy magics
      • Only one of the tribesmen escaped: the caster
    • The heroes found a place to rest for the scorching heat of the summer day
    • Then continued on at dusk down the switchbacks leading into the Barren Sea.
    • They navigated the Barren Sea, finding treacherous dunes of sand and the weathered skeletons of ancient whales and sea creatures
  • Then arrived at the switchbacks leading up into Dhamsareen

XP Breakdown

Barhudin Warrior CR 2 3 x 600 = 1800
Barhudin Caster CR 3 1 x 800 = 800
- --

2600 / 6 ~ 450 total

Roleplay XP

“What do you mean, your people?” 150 xp
Vanishing under the table 50 xp
Blessing the booze 50 xp

Grand Total = 750 XP per character


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