Zah Razen


Oracle Curs: Tongues

In times of stress or unease, you speak in tongues. Language: Aklo

Whenever you are in combat, you can only speak and understand the selected language. This does not interfere with spellcasting, but it does apply to spells that are language dependent. You gain the selected language as a bonus language.


General Character:
Zah Razen is a 27yr old archaeologist with the affinity for archaeological artifacts and lore. Zah stand at an average 5’10” 180lb. His meager presence has always compelled him fill the space with his knowledge about his latest find or current expedition.

Brief History:
Zah was raised in the furthest town from Dhamsareen that could still be considered apart of the realm named Benulth. Being an only child of two high traveled archaeologists Zah has always aspired to follow their footsteps, working hard to learn what he could from the library of knowledge his parent had accumulated. Striving toward his goal as an archaeologist Zah would spend countless hours studying ancient text and lore to better prepare himself coming academy days in Dhamsareen. Zah has spent 2yrs at the Dhamsareen academy growing rapidly in knowledge when first great event of his life happened.

Curse History:
While in the midst of his studies and apprenticeship, Zah would come in contact with many travelers that had once accompanied his parents on their many digs. Recognizing Zah’s tenacity he was warned many times that there were levels of research he was not ready to encounter. Zah would often spend nights sneaking into the forbidden texts of the library delving deep into myths and lore far beyond his full understanding.

On many occasions he would follow visiting researchers into the library as they would compare their finds with the ancient scrolls and texts. On one such night, Zah had the first great encounter of his life that would forever change who he was.

As he had done many times before, which in most cases ended with him being caught, he followed a group down into the depths of the library; further than he had ever gone. After following the group though what seemed to be a labyrinth of shelves, doors and stairwells he knew this particular party was completely unaware of his presence.

Well below the known levels of the library, Zah had followed the group deep into realms of the under city that was only mentioned in the local lors and text. Dimly light by his candle he came upon the next cross section of the seeming maze, he found himself lurching against the wall which had become nothing more than the dirt of a cave. Having lost track of the party for more than an hour Zah realized he was lost and resolved to return.

Hours had past feeling he had made no progress when the dim light of his candle illuminated a door. After inspecting the door and the text inscribed he was convinced this was the door they entered. Though in truth the party had never made it the cave regions he was now lost in.

Moving within a breath of the door Zah closely examined the insignia on the door with light of his candle. The engravings were written Aklo, a language he had only encountered in the oldest of text from his parent library. Having learned the bare essentials of the written language he spent the next hour painstakingly deciphering what he believed to be the a key to the door. When in reality the message was two part. The first part was a basic command to open the door, the second was warning to leave your gods behind.

With slow steady concentration Zah spoke the key in a riddled tongue, instinctively backed away from the door, when slowly it began to open. Quietly the door opened dispelling a small swell of wind followed by a lank odor flowing from the room beyond.

In an ignorant broach of unease Zah spoke a quick prayer to Nethys while crossing the threshold of the entrance. As the final syllable left his tongue and Zah felt the rush of an aura surround him with the intensity and power that consumed him and dropped him to his knees. Zah found himself unable call out, unable to utter a single breath. Silence came of him and in a slow quietly tone he heard a voice in a language he had never heard before yet curiously understood.

With a trembling low tone the voice spoke, “You bring your gods to my door, you utter their name at an entrance to my domain. You disregard my warnings and for your ignorance I shall curse the tongue that heads not my warning. Henceforth, in times of dire need, your tongue shall only speak the language of my realm.”

Beads of sweat raced down Zah’s face as he fell to his hands, having never been confronted by a higher being, and he muttered in a language new to his tongue. “Have mercy, I yield in your domain! I seek knowledge nothing more, grant me passage or grant me pardon.”

In the low tone that seemed to amplify the swell of wind which continued to pour out from the opened door Zah was granted his pardon. “Leave my domain and seek not it’s entrances. Continue your lowly existence and if I find you worthy through my curse I shall have mercy on you.” (The mercy is what the curse does as he progresses in lvls) As the moment passed Zah felt his existence return to him realizing the door was slowly closing. He darted backwards, rolling through the dust of the cave floor as entrance closed with the persistent silence in which it had opened.

As time passed Zah realized that whenever he found himself in moments of stress or unease he only spoke and understood the language Aklo. He was marked by his fellow students as dangerous and a hazard. Through the remainder of his time at the academy he found that he began to learn more rapidly than many who buried their faces in text. He was surpassing many in knowledge through his own personal expeditions and research dealing with the local lore of older generation.

Expedition History Brief: (lvl 1-3)

After Zah had graduated from the academy he began to realize that he had grown in the ability to learn far faster than any traditional apprenticeship would allow. After his academy graduation he began taking on small expeditions in the realm finding artifacts and lore secrets for those of wealth.

Present day:
Zah has not seen his parent in over a decade, and secretly hoped that at some time he would happen upon them in one of further expeditions. Though he never explicitly took work to seek them out it was always on his mind when beginning a new job.

Drive or Goals:
Zah doesn’t really have a specific goal or drive other than completing his next dig or expedition. His only real goal is to stay alive and get to the next step. He is not particularly drawn to a single deity, mostly due to the overwhelming power he experienced when he was cursed.

Zah Razen

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