Prince Derick "Hunter" Rainfair



  • Influence Contact
  • Collects Taxidermied Monsters
    • Claims to be a seasoned/veteran huntsman of monstrous creatures
    • Keeps it secret from his nobles: he actually just buys the skins from adventurers
    • Will pay grand sums for the intact skins of exotic creatures
    • Only if those involved in the transaction sign an exhausting legal contract not to mention the sale, conversation, etc to anyone at all
  • Knows much about the comings and goings of the noble population
  • His father, Lord Rainfair is on the council


  • Red, curly hair
  • Clean shaven face
  • Lives in the noble district
  • Pretentious, ostentatious, generally unbearable to be around

Prince Derick "Hunter" Rainfair

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