Petyr Riddish-Royce

Gnome Illusionist Survivor of the destroyed Order of the Tome



  • Influence Contact
  • Always hidden behind illusion disguises
    • Will only surface if Mongo orders two Flaming Sandstorms (Aethers)
  • Old friend of Mongothsbeard Graveltoes
  • Feels sorry for not wanting to recreate the old guild
  • He offers free services
    • Will identify items for free
    • Will sell illusion-school magic items for cheap
  • Now called “the Shadow Spider”
    • His many “legs” see and hear secrets not normally accessible
    • In the trade of secrets
  • Frequents the Grey Minstrel Inn
  • Known by the bartenders and the owners


  • Always appears differently
  • Jittery eye and facial movements are his tell though
  • Often does sleight of hand tricks of some sort

Petyr Riddish-Royce

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