Merist "Half-Man"

Legless Retired Temple Raider


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  • Information Contact
  • Former adventurer (sword and shield fighter)
  • Lost his legs to a giant ant lion (external)
  • Would have died completely, had Zah not saved him
  • Old friends with Zah’s family
  • A wise insider to the adventurer circles
    • Almost like a message board for missions
    • Knows about what got confiscated
    • Knows what has come in and out of the city
  • Lives, eats, drinks, and almost never leaves the Grey Minstrel Inn
  • Sits next to the bathroom


  • Owns a large, trained wolf hound, Dusty that helps move him around
  • Long gray beard and bald head
  • Harsh, bitter speech
  • Has constant, painful clutches of his phantom limbs
  • Has aged tremendously in the short time since he lost his legs
  • Grabs onto things to lift himself up

Merist "Half-Man"

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