Malvo Malus

A young wizard form the Xandrios library.


Malus is the adopted son of the Grand Arch Magus Nemrlain on a quest to find & rescue his parents who were abducted by Illithids when he was but an infant.


My parents were relic hunters for The Order of the Tome. They were captured by the insidious Illithid on an expedition to branches I was told by Grand Archmagus Nemerlain when I was but a boy. She said that a halfling dressed in black had come to Xandrios with news of my parents’ capture and me in tow some 20 years ago. For reasons I still cannot fathom, Nemerlain took me in & raised me as her own. Perhaps it had something to do with the ring that was left with me. The mysterious halfling in black had claimed he met my parents in the orc work camps that the Illithid controlled from the shadows. He said that my mother, Oya was a talented bard and my father, Dosjer was one of the most accomplished wizards he’d ever known & that it was he who had given him the ring. The halfling vowed to deliver it & me to Xandrios were he ever to escape the Mind Flayers’ clammy clutches. Dosjer had etched the word ‘REMEMBER’ onto the ring. As to why, I cannot say. Perhaps it is a reminder that he & my mother are out there somewhere…wating to be liberated from the slavery inflicted upon them at the hands of the Illithid…

As I have told you, Nemerlain raised me as if I were his own son, and being the son of the Grand Archmagus isn’t as prestigious as one may think. He was always pushing to higher heights and held even higher expectations during my training in the arcane arts. I watched as my friends devoted to one school of magic or another learn the basic principles of that school & leave while I was subjected to learn them all. I recall what she said to me when I told him I wanted to focus on evocation:

“Why focus on merely one school? The path of the Universalist is the only true path to understanding the very essence of what magic is. To limit your talents solely to the school of evocation is a pointless endeavor and I shan’t allow it. The die of fate has been cast Malvo. Greatness awaits you but only through the clamorous wake of struggle & strife. It is my duty to see that you are prepared. “

But that was Nemrlian for you, stern and straightforward. Though I resented her harsh tutelage then I now appreciate those lessons. She made me the wizard that I am today & she was right about becoming a Universalist. Most of my peers who have focused on one school or another honestly cannot match my skill with magic, despite the extra ‘perks’ that their focus gives them.

When the time had come to leave Xandrios, he gave me the only lead had to whereabouts of my parents. I was to find the mysterious halfling in black & he was on the Eramus Leaf. Of course, has to the one of the oldest halflings on the leaf by now. But the only one who knows what truly happened to my parents.

I am now on Earamus in the Merchant District awaiting entrance into the city of Dhamsareen. What I will discover here on the fates can say…

Malvo Malus

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