[Malik al-Musa]

Ancient Safrahal Pharaoh Mage

  • A mage so powerful he gained immortality and then godhood
  • Ruled over all of Eremus Leaf in ancient times


  • Undead Lord Lich Cleric CR 9+
  • Paranoid that everyone is a thrall for the Mind Flayers
  • Destroyed Diya al-din’s burial place immediately after he died.
    • For fear of the Mind Flayers getting a hold of the pieces
    • Didn’t really mean disrespect, just wanted to protect the sword
  • Sees that they have the Onyxia ring (if they have it)
    • His hand was cut off by someone, that’s why he lost the Onyxia
  • Mumbling incessantly to himself for thousands of years
  • Raises the corpses of all the dead adventurers who reached him (including Zah’s mother)
  • Cursed the Barhudin with the Golden Jackals when they disturbed his slumber

[Malik al-Musa]

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