Baedin Blackhammer

Duskheim Resistance Fighter, Warden of "the Knot"



  • Influence Contact (Access to the Resistance and a hiding place)
  • Warden of Gleipnir’s Knot prison
  • Contact for the Resistance
  • Hero in his youth
  • Fortunes waned after he married a lady of the city who ran off with a dashing thief
  • Detests thieves
  • Spends 95% of his time in the prison
  • Lost his fabled “Blackhammer” in the Great Goblin Wars


  • Sandy brown beard and hair
  • Slaty grey eyes
  • Nose has been broken many times
  • Bears many minor scars on his face
  • Wears a much-battered suit of dull-gold plate armor

Baedin Blackhammer

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