Beneath Tangled Roots

Session VII

Aberrations in Xandrios

  • Seventh Point Inn
    • Met two members of the Servants of Dawn: Rook and Bishop Diadem
      • Bragging about finding a piece of the tablet on the jungle Ubertas Leaf
      • “A relic sacred to the Church of the New Dawn” and “Priceless beyond compare!”
      • Is elaborately distracted by Mongo, while Zah sketches the tablet’s design a few tables over
      • Mongo succeeds in getting Rook drunk, but Bishop Diadem does not partake
    • Met Braenor the Blessed
      • Owner of the tavern
      • Takes a liking to Gimlet
    • Approached by Steinn
      • A man with a terrible headache begging for money
      • After the party feeds him, they take him up to their room
      • He claims to be trying to contact Metallurgist Orum
      • Tells his (alleged) story:
        • Formerly an adventurer, though was captured in Duskheim
        • He was made a worker in the Dwarven work camps
        • Taken away to the Mind Flayer’s lair and “saw the brain!”
      • Steinn’s head busts, revealing a half-formed Mind Flayer
  • Kenway
    • Stalked the Servants of Dawn
      • Saw them browbeating merchants, trying to get items for very cheap
      • Saw them stopping at different orphanages
        • Preaching to the children, blessing them
        • Asking to see the orphanages’ books
    • Spoke with Spell-Nurse Mary Lynn, to get a lead on the missing orphans
    • Managed to track down a dark-robed figure, leading two docile children
      • Followed him to the basement, and a hidden cellar of a library
      • Witnessed the children being fed to an amorphous, alien creature


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Total XP: 2000 per player


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